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Question 1:  Which unit can I see in the demo version?
Answer: Only Unit 1 V.Putins Visit to the USA is available as a demo version. The unit is from the Politics section.

Question 2: How can I purchase the course?
Answer: To purchase the course, you need to become a registered user. You can register in the section Registration::New student,After the registration is completed, you may proceed to the purchasing procedure in the section Payment:Buy orders, When you fill in your order form, please, follow the instructions given at the top of every page. Payment::Your orders

Question 3:  What is the key and how to activate it?
Answer: After the Payment , of a unit / units and additional services (if applicable), you will receive a letter of information with your key number (e.g.  {"61d9b5a4-f82c-4693-bdc3-21629a2b47f3"}). You will need to enter the key number in the section Payment::Activate key, After that you will get access to the units you purchased for the period of time you paid for. You may see all the information about your order(s) in the section Payment::Your orders.

Question 4: What is the study mode and how is it different from the flexible mode?
Answer:  n the course News from Russia there are two modes of work: study mode and flexible mode. You may choose whichever better suits you.
Study mode
This mode imitates the study process conducted by a class room instructor. The program
- provides a strict sequence of menu items to follow, i. e. you cannot choose the sequence of menu items on your own, you cannot pass on to a new assignment or exercise, if you have not completed the preceding one;
- does not allow to start a new unit until you have finished the preceding one
- saves statistics of the completed assignments in case your decision to stop working on the current unit is found to be premature.

Advantages of the study mode:
- the (General statistics) monitors results of all the assignments of the unit
- you may print out the statistics for yourself as well as all the variants of your news summary;
- you get an opportunity  for tutorship:
send your written work for checking and receive suggestions from the tutor

Flexible mode
You conduct the study process yourself. You may
- choose a suitable sequence of menu items 
- choose the form of checking the assignments done by you
- quit working with the unit any time and start a new one
and tutorship are not available when working in that mode.

Question 5: I do not have Cyrillic fonts installed in my computer. How can I work on this course?
Answer: When working with the programm  Cyrillic fonts will be instaled on your computer automaticaly. You may also see the russian layout when you click on (keyboard)

Question 6: What software should there be installed in my computer for me to be able to use your course?
Answer: In order to use the course to the best advantage, you need Internet Explorer, Opera or Mozilla with Flash plugin from Macromedia. In case you do not have this plug-in, then while the course installation process, you will be prompted to install it or you can install it yourself from computer should be Pentium not less than  1000 MHz or AMD (as an equalent) and RAM 256 Mb. 

Question 7:  I have chosen tutorship. If I am going to work only in the flexible mode, can I still send my works to the tutor?
Answer: No.

Question 8: I cannot see the Demo and the Course. Is anything wrong with the program?
Answer: If your browser has a Google toolbar which blocks popups, please press  "site popups allowed" in order to view the demo version and the course.

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