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Content and goals

"Russia on ther Air" - is a unique multimedia distance learning course of Russian language and culture based on popular Russian TV programs.

The material of the course (televised news stories, systems of exercises, tests and translation assignments) is presented as individual units grouped according to thematic modules "Politics", "Economics", "Society" , "Culture" and Russian-English Vocabulary of mass media. The course is regularly updated with topical excerpts from Russian television news programs allowing the students to learn Russian and follow events covered by Russian television.

The thematic module  "Politics" consists of following units:
- "Государственный флаг России",
- "Конституции в России",
- "Парламент России - 2004",
- "Парламент России - 2008",
- "Ельцин - первый президент России",
- "Визит Владимира Путина в США",
- "Россия и Китай: история и современность",
- "Россия и Франция".

The thematic module  "Economics" consists of following units:
- "Западные и нвестиции в Россию",
- "Короли российского бизнеса",
- "Малый бизнес в России",
- "Черная икра и теневой бизнес".

The thematic module  "Society" consists of following units
- "Женский бизнес",
- "Инвалиды в России",
- "Фитнес по-русски",
- "Героиня русского Интернета".
- "Богатые и бедные в России",
- "Экстремальный туризм",
- "Московский Манхеттен".

The thematic module  "Culture" consists of following units:
- "Масленица и Великий пост",
- "Юбилей Санкт-Петербурга",
- "Российской прессе 300 лет",
- "Юбилей Санкт-Петербурга (for the French language speakers)".
- "Коллекционирование: искусство или наука? "
- "Телевидение разрушает культуру",
- "Русский язык: SOS или OK?",
- "Загадки русского характера",
- "Премьера в большом театре",
- "Урок - тест".

Every thematic module will be regularly updated.

Who is this course intended for?
The course is designed for:

  • intermediate and advanced foreign students of Russian
  • ethnic Russians living outside of Russia and interested in furtherance their knowledge of the Russian language and modern culture of Russia
  • those who would like to prepare for Russian language certification tests certification
  • those who study translation / interpreting
  • teachers and professors of Russian as a foreign language
  • all those interested in various aspects of life in Russia today

Why to study that course?
With the help of the course "V efire Rossiya"  you will be able to:
  • understand Russian television news programs (notably news of "Politics", "Economics", "Society" and "Culture")
  • become accustomed to hearing authentic Russian
  • expand your Russian vocabulary
  • learn the Russian mass media language
  • broaden your knowledge of modern Russia
  • hone your writing skills in Russian by producing summaries of the news stories that you have watched
  • prepare for Russian language certification tests (B-1, B-2, C-1) according to European Language Portfolio 
  • use the material of the course for designing your own projects
  • take charge of your learning the Russian language and organize it in a way that is most suitable for you



How to use this course?

  • the course is intended for both students' individual work and for groups in the classroom;
  • the course may be used as an internet resource enriching textbooks and manuals for foreign students of Russian
  • of the advanced level "Новости из России" (Published by "Русский язык. Курсы""
  • of the intermediate level "News from Russia" (Published by Yale University Press
  • of the advanced level "Элитный персонал и Ко" (Published by "Русский язык. Курсы"


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