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Recommended textbooks and manuals
As basic aids for the distance learning course "e-Learning Russian through Media Materiala", we recommend you the following textbooks and manuals:
  • "Новости из России. Русский язык в средствах массовой информации" Учебник для изучающих русский язык как иностранный./ А.Н.Богомолов (Издательство "Русский язык." Курсы)  
    The textbook Новости из России will help students to expand their knowledge about modern Russia and international events covered by Russian mass media; to come to know various genres of newspapers and magazines materials and characteristic traits of the modern Russian mass media language; to get a deeper understanding of published and broadcast mass media.
    The textbook presents authentic, thematically assorted materials which direct the student in his / her work with the language of mass media of modern Russia. There is also a set of tasks to conduct a research in the Internet which will enable the student to find further materials on his/her own for their future scientific projects. The textbook may be used to help the student prepare for the Russian language tests TRKI-2 and 3.
    The textbook will be helpful for students of politics, sociology, economists, journalists, linguists, for all those who have mastered the Russian language at the "threshold" level (TRKI -1) and would like to go on. It will also be of help for teachers and professors of Russian, and all those who are interested in modern Russia.
    This is the fifth edition of the book - 2012. - 320 стр. ISBN 978-5-88337-311-3

  • "News from Russia: language, Life and Russian media" Andrei Bogomolov and Marita Nummikoski (The Yale University Press
    News From Russia teaches the language in context by introducing learners to various aspects of modern Russian life through printed mass media and Internet media sources. It also serves as a springboard to more advanced work with Russian media. Understanding authentic spoken language, especially the official language of the news, requires very specific vocabulary skills, and News From Russia helps lay the groundwork needed for such advanced study.
    News From Russia is an intermediate to advanced level text that is suitable for a variety of courses, including reading, conversation, and Russian contemporary life. This textbook was originally published in Russia in 1997 under the title Vzaimoponimanie. It was adapted and revised by the authors for the U.S. college market.


  • "Элитный персонал и Ко. Русский язык делового общения (продвинутый сертификационный уровень)". Учебный комплекс / О.А. Ускова, Л.Б. Трушина (Издательство "Русский язык. Курсы") The studying complex Элитный персонал и Ко. includes a textbook and an audiocassette. In Part 1 there are topics, situations and communicative assignments dealing with the sphere of business communication at the advanced level of mastering the Russian language.
    Part 2 and Part 3 are comprised of typical themes and situations of business communication.
    The complex is designed to prepare the student for the certificate test Business Russian. Business, Commerce. Advanced level. The textbook allows both tutored and individual form of study. The second, revised edition. - 2002. - 290 стр. ISBN 5-88337-057-8

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