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How to start the course

After you have filled out the order form, paid for the unit(s) ordered, received the letter of information with your key number and activated the key, you are entitled to access the units you purchased. Please, remember that you can have the access  to the unit(s) only during the period of time you paid for (1, 2 or 10 months).

Now you are ready to start. What is the most efficient way to organize your study within the course?

Step 1.  Please, carefully read the sections Structure of the Course and Structure of units.

Step 2.  Please, click the option Start the course..

Step 3.  Enter your username and password.

Step 4.  In the setting menu , choose the work mode: Study mode  or Flexible mode. If you prefer to study in the Flexible mode, you can select the parameters which fit you the most.   (See FAQ)

Step 5.  Now you are on the webpage the Course V  efire  Rossiya . You may open any of the circles, in which you can read unit titles.  Please, remember that you have access only to those units which you paid for.

Step 6. Click the unit title which you have purchased.

Step 7. Now you can start working on the unit.

NOTE:  You can always stop and change the work mode. Despite your switching from one mode to the other the program will save the results of the exercises done by you, and after the switching your can resume your work on the unit from the place  where you stopped.

Good luck!


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