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The Lomonosov Moscow SU's Center for International Education offers the course for the foreign students

(Learning Russian Language and culture through  Russian mass media)

a face-to-face and on-line seminar


Dr. A.N.Bogomolov,
Professor of Education, PhD in cultural studies,
Professor of  Center of International Education
Moscow State University


This course is designed to help advanced-intermediate students to gain an expanded view of contemporary Russia (Russian Language and Culture) through Russian mass media.
The course develops the skills needed to understand and interpret a variety of Russian mass media, including television, newspapers, magazines, and other materials produced by Russians for mass consumption.
It devotes equal attention to three critical areas of analysis:
• reading (viewing and listening) strategies;
• vocabulary building;
• cross-cultural interpretation;
• writing annotations, summaries, essays in the personal web page;
• performing talk-shows (oral practice);
• group work in the website on

In addition to group assignments, independent projects will allow students to pursue areas of personal and professional interest on their own, with regular consultation with the instructor and fellow students.

The course’s ultimate goal is to provide an expanded view of Russia today and  more diversified set of skills that will enable students to explore independently various genres of Russia media.


Classes are hold in individual and group work in face-to-face and e-learning forms during 4-month period (8 hours per week)

For face-to-face students

- classes take place at the Center for International Education (Lomonosov Moscoe SU) (4 hours per week);

- distance forms of class activities (exchange of opinions, preparation for talk-shows) take place on the website of the group and completion of home assignments on the personal web page (4 hours per week).

For e-students
- group work with the face-to-face students on the website of the group & video conferencing through (4 hours per week);
- individual classes are hold on the personal student web page in the form of completion of written home assignments and video conferencing with with the tutor (4 hours per week).


The course consists of eight modules. The course consists eight modules and includes the following themes. The set of themes could vary.
Part I
-The Mass Media in contemporary Russia
-Political Overview: Structures of the State
-Official Chronicles: Visits, Meetings, Talks
-Russia and International Commerce
-War and Peace (optional)

Part II
-Image of a Politician: Whom do we choose?
-Government and the Press: Partners of Enemies?
-Television and We
Part III
-Youth of contemporary Russia
-Middle class in Russia
-Multinational Russia: Melting pot of Moscow
-Russians and the problem of tolerance



For face-to-face students

Preparation and participation in the seminar 30%
Presentation of the articles in the written and oral forms 30%
Individual and group work on the Internet 20%
Vocabulary quizzes on the topics 10%
Results of the Final exam 10%
For e-students
Completion of the tasks from the textbook «Novosti iz Rossii-2009» on the student’s webpage 30%
Presentation of the articles from Russian media in the written and oral forms 30%
Participation in the discussion on the group website ( 20%
Vocabulary quizzes on the studied topics 10%
Results of the Final exam 10%


- Textbook  “Novosti iz Rossii-2009” by  Dr. A.Bogomolov.  Moscow, 2009;
- Video recordings and written transcript of authentic up-to-date news programs on the covered topics, authentic newspaper/magazine articles;
- Web textbook “Russia on the Air” 

Inquiries welcome: Dr. Andrei Bogomolov


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