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Study programs
The Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Center for International Education offers two options for taking the course "e-Learning Russian through Mass Media":

- academic credit option (with a certificate from the Center for international Education)

- non-credit, independent study

Upon successful completion of the course "e-Learning Russian through Mass Media" students receive a certificate from Center of International Education, Lomonsov Moscow State University. In order to receive this certificate, a student must study with a tutor for 4 months (96 academic hours) and complete a standard academic program that is made of

56 academic hours (4 hours per week)

          - self study (completion of twelve lessons from the textbook Russia on the Air & writing fourays on topics chosen from the lessons);

32 academic hours (2 hours per week)

          - error correction and responses to the distance tutor’s comments

          - completion of additional grammatical and lexical exercise

          - entrance / placement test

          tutoring over Skype

8 academic hours

          - completion of the entrance tests and final exam, concluding unit test with a score a minimum of 75%.

The certificate program is equivalent to three academic semester credits.


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